Saving abandoned hunting dogs and bringing them to loving homes in the uk

In Loving Memory of Flora

Flora a beautiful young pod saved from pretty grim situation in Spain, along with her pal Ted. Unfortunately Flora took what the vet in Spain thought was a bad reaction to the rabies vaccine. At the time her skin all flared up into itchy hives, but soon after she arrived in her foster home in the UK,she started to have seizures. Vet investigations here said epilepsy probably brought on as part of the same bad reaction, but we got her on meds and under control. Tragically, not many months after being homed with a totally fantastic family, her epilepsy took a drastic turn for the worse, the fits became many and uncontrolled and she lost her sight so they had to let her go. Flora went too young, but she knew the most love and comfort it was possible to have in her last few months and the photos show what a happy contented girl she was. Love to her family, especially her little human sister who misses her immensely.